Hendricks for magistrate in District 4

Published 12:44 pm Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in support of the re-election of Jack Hendricks for Boyle County magistrate in District 4.

Jack has served as our magistrate for eight years and he has served us well.

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My husband James Ryan Jr. was our magistrate until he passed away in 2006 and the governor appointed me to serve the remainder of his term, and believe me I know the importance of this job.

Boyle County has some serious issues ahead for us and we need knowledgeable people to make important decisions that affect not just District 4, but all citizens of Boyle County. He speaks up, his decision and vote may not agree with everyone, but he does his research and his vote is always in the best interest of the citizen.

Jack is our voice on the fiscal court and he knows how to spend our tax dollars wisely.

Please vote to re-elect Jack Hendricks as magistrate in District 4.

His vote will be for you, the citizens of Boyle County.

Ruth Ryan