Ellis for magistrate in District 1

Published 6:36 am Friday, September 28, 2018

Dear Editor,

Our wish list for Magistrate of District 1: Someone accessible by email, phone, text and in person. Someone with a personal website or Facebook page keeping constituents informed on fiscal court meetings, upcoming issues on the monthly agenda, proposed budgets and other developments with a forum for citizens to express concerns.

We’d like to see a magistrate that takes the opinions of constituents into consideration prior to a vote. A magistrate should be proactive and present ideas and make motions that benefit his district and lobby other magistrates in order to solicit their votes. A magistrate should educate  himself on the proposed items on the agenda and not take someone’s preordained summary  but rather gather information and citizens’ input before the vote. We would like a magistrate that persuades fiscal court to have a few night meetings so people that work during the day can attend.

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For too long, the people in rural Boyle County feel they have only received  “crumbs” from fiscal court during the budget process. Danville always gets the lion’s share, whether money for festivals, the parks, the swimming pool, the walking trails, new courthouse decor, outside consulting firms or raises for various personnel who make a whole lot more in salary than we do. It is easy to spend other people’s money. The farmers, housewives, widows/widowers, seniors,  single parents, factory workers etc. cannot continue to survive if the court keeps spending like a drunken sailor and handing out money like peppermint candy. We need magistrates that are fiscally responsible, understand constituents’ economic situation, and are willing to say NO in order to save taxpayer monies.

Soon, another election will be upon us and you can make a difference. Not voting only adds to the problem; be part of the solution. Vote for change; vote for Tom Ellis. We have talked with him. He is committed to performing the job of magistrate of District 1 in a manner that best represents his constituents and carrying out the wish list duties as listed above. Tom Ellis is a proven leader, a concerned listener, a hard worker, and a man who walks his talk. Vote Tom Ellis on Nov. 6. He will fight for us!

Carolyn and Jerry Quinn