Guthrie’s responses to pipeline, pollution questions ‘unbelievable’

Published 6:34 am Friday, September 28, 2018

Dear Editor,

I was stunned to read the recent article about Rep. Guthrie’s visit to The Advocate-Messenger.   Guthrie stated he did not have an opinion about the Kinder Morgan (K-M) proposal to change the product flowing through pipeline #100-1, which runs through Boyle County. However, K-M has been upfront about their plans for that pipeline. They want to go from transporting natural gas to highly volatile natural gas liquids (NGLs). The COPC (Citizens Opposed to the Pipeline Conversion) has been sounding the alarm about this for over three years. If we know their plans, how does Guthrie not know them?

Guthrie falsely states that K-M needs to go through a regulatory process. K-M went through the only federal regulatory process they need to go through before turning on the flow of NGLs through a 75+ year old pipeline. K-M filed for permission to abandon pipeline #100-1 from FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), which was granted. FERC could have required an in-depth Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and could have looked at future use. Many constituents submitted comments asking FERC to require an EIS and look at the future use of pipeline #100-1, but FERC declined. This would have been the time for Rep. Guthrie to weigh in; he did not.

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I raised the pipeline issue at the constituent meeting Guthrie held in Danville in April. I was evidently paid lip service when Guthrie told me that he would educate himself and do what he could to help us. In addition, members of COPC have delivered petitions opposing the conversion to Guthrie’s office in Bowling Green and I have personally spoken to his chief of staff and office staff about this issue. We left a very detailed fact sheet behind and asked that Guthrie come out against the proposed conversion.

The other issue that Guthrie claimed to be unfamiliar with is the coal ash pollution of Herrington Lake. Again, I have personally spoken with Rep. Guthrie and his staff about this issue. His staff must also have read the coverage that The Advocate-Messenger has given this health issue.

For the representative of the Second District not to know about two of the primary health and safety risks faced by his constituents is unbelievable and unacceptable. Nov. 6 is around the corner. Please consider whether Rep. Guthrie has worked for the people of the district when you vote. I know I will.

Julie Pease