Coffey for state representative

Published 6:08 am Saturday, September 29, 2018

Dear Editor,

I’ve suggested that only a lazy, uninformed voter would ever pull a lever for all candidates of either political party because neither the Democrats nor Republicans are ever likely to come up with the best candidate for every single office.

Wednesday evening, I looked forward to hearing what both our Republican incumbent representative in Frankfort, Daniel Elliott, as well as his Democratic write-in opponent, Lydia Coffey, had to say about the important issues of education and pension reform.

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From many questions asked by the large, polite, respectful audience, I learned much about Mrs. Coffey’s positions on these and several other issues that came up during the forum. I don’t agree with her on every issue, but I understand and respect her thinking.

But I wasn’t able to learn a thing about Mr. Elliott’s positions on several matters that concern me.  He didn’t show up. When I ran into him at another forum the evening before, he told me that he hadn’t yet decided whether to attend. His decision to duck a public appearance with his constituents and his opponent before an election saddens me.

I’ve now made my choice for one position. I’m writing in “Lydia Coffey” for state representative.   I don’t think she’ll hide from the people she represents.

Milton Reigelman