Coffey for state representative

Published 6:42 am Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Dear Editor,

Attending the forum for the Kentucky House Districts 54 and 55 candidates, I was greatly impressed with Lydia Coffey, the write-in candidate for Boyle and Casey counties. This friendly, approachable retired teacher is galvanized by the crisis in public education created by years of financial neglect, capped by a teacher-hostile governor and the ill-advised actions of a one-party legislature.

She speaks clearly and with passion about the need to protect public education and public services from crippling state cuts. She has done her homework and marshaled the facts about how the 2018 General Assembly increased the tax burden of middle class Kentuckians, while cutting the taxes of the wealthiest 5 percent and large corporations.

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Lydia Coffey showed her independent streak and her passion for public service. She is dedicated to the children of Kentucky and to the future of Kentucky. Her warmth, her openness, and her sense of humor all recommend her. Her willingness and ability to listen, to ask good questions and to speak forcefully will mean a strong, non-partisan voice for Boyle and Casey to get the state to respond to local needs. She has no further career ambitions and so is not prey to manipulation by any party caucus.

I urge voters to write in the name Lydia Coffey to represent the 54th District in the Kentucky State House.

Margaret Gardiner