Hendricks for District 4 magistrate

Published 6:39 am Friday, October 5, 2018

Dear Editor,

I want to give a shout out to Jack Hendricks, Boyle County magistrate for District 4.

Several weeks ago, I ran into him and complained about the deterioration of Winterhawk Road — cracking, dips, loose paving pebbles, etc., and noted that if it were not repaved soon, the road would require major renovation. He promised to come out with the road department the next day.

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After viewing the road condition with the county road department, he agreed that it needed to be repaved but did not think there were funds for this year. A week or so later I received a call from him that he had put it on the agenda for the Boyle County Fiscal Court, that it was approved, funds had been found, and that the paperwork had been hand-delivered to Frankfort for this street and several other county roads in need of repair.

He did note that there may not be time to get it done before the paving plants shut down for the winter. In any case, it should be done in the spring. Here is a magistrate who listened to a constituent and is working for the people! Please consider voting for him on Nov. 6 if you are in District 4.

Virginia Eklund