Herron for Boyle County attorney

Published 6:40 am Friday, October 5, 2018

Dear Editor,

Vote … Vote … VOTE. The shame at Fourth and Main is now well known. The citizens know locally, the state of Kentucky knows and now nationally, our 50th judicial district is being depicted for what it really is — a disgrace.

Oh what do we do? Finally, a simple answer is available to each and every one of us. We vote them out! Voting is the ultimate exercise of power. We have the power, and we need to use it.

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Unfortunately, several of the culprits are running unopposed or their terms are not currently up. But there is the opportunity to vote out one of those directly responsible for the mass incarceration humiliation here in Boyle County.

It’s time to get clean and dump Lynne Dean. A vote for Chris Herron is a new beginning. A new chance for our fellow citizens and the jail. Send a message, vote across party lines like me and put Chris Herron in the prosecutor’s chair, as he has seen for himself as a defense attorney locally what damage has been done.

Chris Herron has my vote for district attorney.

Roger Hartner