Hendricks for District 4 magistrate

Published 6:55 am Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I am writing this letter in support of magistrate Jack Hendricks. Jack has been our voice on the fiscal court for eight years now. In my opinion, he has done an outstanding job for us. He speaks his mind, he does his research, he knows the subject, he has taken a leadership role on many occasions, he speaks up for the taxpayers and above all, he is always thinking ahead of the curve.

He and the other members of our fiscal court take the word “fiscal” very seriously. That’s why this county is in very good financial condition. I know upcoming issues will take a lot of knowledge and fiscal responsibility on their part to keep us that way. I know I can count on Jack Hendricks to be a leader and look after the interests of Boyle County and the taxpayers.

His experience as well as his knowledge of budgets is a valuable asset for Boyle County. He is also on the Jail Committee, so he is well-versed on the issues we face there, as well as the Public Works Department and the Parks and Rec Committee. These are all valuable assets to our community as well as high dollar budgets, we need Jack on these committees.

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I would urge all voters to consider Jack Hendricks and vote for him on Nov. 6. He is our best connection to our local government and we can depend on him to take care of District 4 as well as all of Boyle County.

Karl Luttrell