Ellis for District 1 magistrate

Published 6:49 am Thursday, October 11, 2018

This campaign season, it is my great pleasure to write on behalf of Tom Ellis for magistrate in Boyle County’s District 1.

Back in 1994, Tom Ellis and I began working together at Appalachian Regional Healthcare. Over the 24 years that followed, I have observed Mr. Ellis as he has contributed to his church, Ephraim McDowell House board, the Heritage Hospice communications committee, and as a high school teacher here in Boyle County.

Tom Ellis has already brought his strong voice to the citizens in west Boyle County when he worked two years ago with residents of parksville and Mitchellsburg to keep their convenience center open. Recently, he helped with the difficult cleanup following serious flooding of the Forkland Community Center.

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Mr. Ellis spearheaded a group that appeared before the Boyle County school board to fight one more in a series of property tax hikes. In Perryville this summer, he wrote and submitted a resolution against the dangers of the Kinder-Morgan pipeline. Upon formal reading, Mr. Ellis’ resolution was adopted by unanimous vote of the Perryville City Council.

There is no candidate for office this election cycle who I can support with greater enthusiasm than Tom Ellis. He possess the honesty, integrity and energy needed to take on the many difficult concerns of his west Boyle County friends and neighbors.

Our Boyle County community is in need of new leaders at all levels of government. For too long, we have seen vital issues gaining “pass through” votes by some on fiscal court due to decades of one party rule.

On Election Day, Nov. 6, please vote for my friend, Tom Ellis, District 1 magistrate.

Susan Shear