Property transfers, October 11

Published 6:42 am Thursday, October 11, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include::

Gary D. and Nancy E. Moore-Morris to Daniel E. and Laresa C. McKay, lot in Old Bridge Subdivision, $425,000.

John B. and Kendra Helm to Marina and Ian P. White, 2.759 acres in Boyle County, $227,000.

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Donna J. Rahmig to Jimmie B. and Diana L. Norvell, condominium unit of Premier Village Phase 2, $210,000.

Jessie D. Price to Danny and Linda Cates, lot in Erskine Subdivision, $57,000.

Carla Reynolds to David and Pacria Henderson, one acre in Boyle County, $288,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Roger and Rebecca Royston to G. Michael and Lura M. Dodson, 36.42 acres on southeast side of Ky. 206, $265,000.

David T. and Jessica R. Passmore to Isaac M. and Kayla Jo Allen, two lots in Casey County, $260,000.

Walter D. and Rebecca Patterson to Alan Patterson and Keith Patterson, property in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $180,000.

Shirley L. Fortney to Eileen M. Hart, parcel on White Oak Ridge, $40,350.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Mary L. and Barry Burton to Eric R. and Angie L. Milburn, 1/2 acre near Mt. Hebron Road, $5,000.

Deron Hickerson and Jessica Cope to Carter Company Real Estate, LLC, lot in River Run Estates, $214,000.

Adam and Erin N. Pike to Timothy L. and Jean M. May, lot in Rolling Meadows Subdivision, $155,000.

Lisa G. Clark to Brandon S. and Danielle Stratton, lot in Teater Brothers Subdivision, $150,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, as trustee on behalf of Lake Country Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-HE-1 to Terry Weaver and Nikki Floyd, property on Lexington Road, $21,199.

Oberman Construction, Inc. to Amanda M. Stipe, lot in Cades Cove Subdivision, $177,500.

Yun Hui Gourley to Dawn Walters, 1.977 acres in Garrard County, $140,000.

Scott M. and Megan E. Crawford to Daniel Pogozelski and Stephanie Thompson, property in Garrard County, $118,000.

Mark and Rennae Kutchera to John W. Orr, 5.446 acres on Hwy. 753, $245,000.

Barry and Kim Morris to David and Suzanne Figueredo, lot on Homestead Lane, $265,000.

Kymillo McNulty to James P. and Laura J. Sheeks, parcel on south side of West Buford Street, $35,000.

Lloyd B. East and John F. East, co-executors of the last will and testament of Roberta Faye East to Kinnaird Properties, LLC, property on North Paulding Street, $70,000.

Julia K. Harp to Heather Caldwell, lot in Bright Leaf Estates Subdivision, Phase 1, $219,900.

Edna Bratton to Timothy Scott, property in Daughter’s Park at Kennedy Bridge, $15,000.

Dixie Sebastian to Joshua and Teresa Cheek, parcel on West Maple Street, $134,000.

Steven C. and Melissa D. Millerd to Edward and P. Anne Wegiel, two lots in the Lake Valley Estates Subdivision, $266,000.

Cristy and Brett Nisson to Brandon M. and Kelly W. Cooper, property on Maple Avenue, $200,000.

Shirley Eversole, Larry Eversole, Joe S. Eversole, Jr., and Jerry Eversole to Larry Eversole, 10 acres on Gabbard Road, gift; value of property, $10,000.

John R. and Marilyn J. Swaim to Roger and Cindy Griffis, tract in Trail’s End Subdivision, $31,500.

Donnelly W. and Rebecca Barnes to Johnathan and Brittany Webb, 1.178 acres in Garrard County, $116,500.

John W. and Lynn S. Callan to Eddie and Sherrie Wesley, lot in Windswept Estates Subdivision, $200,000.

Larry K. and Sharon K. Woods to Larry and Sharon Woods Living Trust, Larry K. Woods and Sharon K. Woods, trustees, four tracts in Garrard County, $1.00; fair cash value, $210,000.

Douglas K. and Michelle L. Smith to Roger and Jennifer Belcher, lot in Cades Cove Subdivision, $174,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Cindy and Rodney K. Bates, Jeffrey and Kathy Scott and Kimberly and George Elliott to Jeffrey and Kathy Scott, four parcels of property near Broughtontown, $170,000; fair cash value, $175,000.

Danny and Tracy M. Rowe to Michael A. Goodin, lot in Cherry Hill Subdivision, $40,000.

Richard E. and Mary Martha Padgett to Stephen A. Dexter, trustee, to Richard E. and Mary Martha Padgett, property on Maple Swamp Road, survivorship deed; fair cash value, $11,500.

Kimberly A. McGowen to Tracey L. Durham, lot in Indian Trails Subdivision, located on Shawnee Drive, $115,000.

Billy H. and Joy F. Lear, by and through their attorney-in-fact, Carla J. Roberts, to Carrie Banks and Letcher Holcomb, 109.85 acres off Fall Lick Road and Mixed Spring Road, $105,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, and Beverly Carol Quinn, by and through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to Carmel, LLC, two lots in Dix River Estates Subdivision, $113,600.

Beverly Carol Quinn, by and through Maribeth Quinn, her power-of-attorney, to Carmel, LLC, two lots in Dix River Estates Subdivision, title clarification.

Beverly Carol Quinn, by and through Maribeth Quinn, her power-of-attorney, to Carmel, LLC, two lots in Dix River Estates Subdivision, $15,000.

David G. and Tamera J. Southerland to Ralph and Brenda Toy, two tracts of land on Carmen Lane, containing 5.548 acres, $25,000.

Denise Nyborg to Angela A. and Marvin S. Mullins, 0.984 acre on North Cedar Creek Drive, $139,000.

Steven and Artie Cook to Benjamin James and Kim Dawn Case, two lots in Rolling Acres Subdivision, $200,000.

Banks Properties, LLC, to Marilyn Huffman, property on Choctaw Trail, in Indian Trails Subdivision, $94,000.

Norman D. and Maria Arlene Carter to Norman D. and Maria Arlene Carter, 1.60 acres on Blue Lick Road, survivorship deed; fair cash value, $50,000.

Gail Fischer Jackson to Bradley and Lee Ann Smith, lot in Dix River Estates Subdivision, $180,000.

Joe S. and Robin V. Crain to Harold Timothy and Rita Martin Morris, property on Miller Street, Stanford, $45,000.

Bruce C. Edgington and Adam and Sonja Gooch to Kevin Dale and Tiffany E. Kirkpatrick, two tracts of land near intersection of Mason Gap Road and Skyline Drive, $90,000.

Tommy and Martha Day to Jackie and Debbie Long, approximately 4.943 acres on KY Hwy 39, south of Crab Orchard, $30,000.

The estate of Lois Marcella Wilcher, by and through Eddie Wilcher, executor, to Bert Hamm and Deborah Leslie, 1.18 acres on the Geneva-New Salem Road, $82,500.

Tom and Linda Wooten and Debbie Wooten Lane to Curtis Shirley, 1.59 acres off Old KY Hwy 35 right-of-way, Moreland, $42,500.

Berten Hamm and Deborah Leslie to Robert H. Verbeten, 12.997 acres off KY Hwy 698, $180,000.

Cara Hogue to Christopher S. Hogue, lot in Final Plat Cornerstone Heights, located on Roman Road, $1, property settlement; fair market value, $109,500.

David and Anita Ferrell to Donnie R. Baker, 4.873 acres on KY Hwy 39, south of Crab Orchard, $13,000.

Daniel and Haylee Ralston to Mathew Ryan and Brooklynn Grace Dollar, lot in Foster’s Lane Residential Development, $115,000.

William R. and Betty J. Frazier to Ralph R. and Geneva Gaffney and Ralph Matthew Gaffney, two lots in Ridgeway Road Subdivision, off U.S. 27, $143,000.

James & Co., LLC, to Lewis and Barbara Brown, lot in Moreland Meadows Subdivision, $112,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

David A. Bird to Bradford E. and Ashley G. Thomas, 7.10 acres in Mercer County, $27,000.

Shelby Lanham to Benjamin and Kathy Selbe, lot in Lee Oak Estates, $312,000.

Chad L. and Emily B. Terrell to Cody L. and Shandi N. Freeman, lot in Dixie Manor Subdivision, $108,900.

Lee T. and Amy Baker to Marcus A.A. and Kim M. Hawkins, property on Magnolia Avenue, $47,000.

Circle K Properties, LLC to Cathie A. Long and Gary B. Lafleur, property on Paradise Camp Road, $109,500.

Kenneth R. and Edith Lawson to Douglas R. and Amy C. Lawson, two tracts on Gritton Lane, Salvisa, $110,000.

John C. Crawford, Jr. to James P. and Leslie A. Worley, 7.361 acres in Mercer County, $90,000.

Sharyn Hahn Robertson, individually and as executrix under the last will and testament of Bennie M. Hahn and Jeffrey Robertson, to Robert and Misty Chapman, 2.69 acres in Mercer County, $152,200.

Leland C. and Nancy J. Lowe to Garrett M. McGuire, two lots in Hardin Heights Subdivision, $164,200.

Charles M. and Leslie E. Johnstone to HDR Industries, LLC, 128.49 acres on the north side of Jackson Pike, $675,000.

George M. and Christy L. Killion to William O. and Janice D. Cooper, two lots in Fairview, a subdivision of City of Harrodsburg, $42,000.

Mildred L. Mullins, William L. Lowe, and John L. Lowe, co-executors of the estate of Hope Ann Meredith Lowe to Abrams Realty, LLC, .252 acres in Mercer County, $140,000.

The estate of Oneda M. Royalty, by and through William D. Royalty, executor to Joey D. and Sandra Dee Hardin, property on Curdsville Road, $60,000.

David and Laura Sullivan and The James Harrod Trust to Christopher Bishop, 11.32 acres in Mercer County, $340,000.

Vickie and Larry Carman to Paisley M. Carey and Taylor L. Bustle, lot in Anna Heights Subdivision, $120,000.

Jerry W. and Connie S. Shepherd to Robin E. Wharton, trustee of The Robin E. Wharton Living Trust, two lots in Mercer County, $97,000.

Cloyd A. and Rita C. Shelley to Ralph N. and Jane A. Ransom, two lots in Hardin Heights Subdivision, $200,000.

Hugh S. and Ann M. Phillips to J. Hugh and Violet Phillips, 27.74 acres in Mercer County, $36,000.

Dustin and Carey Wilson to Charles and Ernestine Johnstone, two tracts in Mercer County, $330,000.

Keisha Hall, by her attorney-in-fact, Patrick S. McClure and Bobby C. Hall to Jeffrey M. Chapman, two tracts in Mercer County, $185,000.