Ellis for District 1 magistrate

Published 6:06 am Friday, October 12, 2018

Many things have been said about the value of Tom Ellis as a servant for the people of west Boyle County. These statements are all true, but I would like to address his service in a different direction. 

Those who know me realize that I love the rich heritage of Boyle County and the state of Kentucky. I do all I can to preserve it for future generations because I believe that people who realize their history are connected to their communities and tend to want to take care of them. Tom Ellis sees that same value and is working hard to preserve the history of this area. 

He, too, believes that it is important that the citizens of this county remain connected to their heritage and know the value of preserving Constitution Square, Perryville Battlefield and Merchants Row, Forkland Community Center, Jacobs Hall at KSD and the historic homes and cemeteries, the scenic knobs and valleys of the west end of the county and other places that remind us of that history every day as we drive around our beautiful county. 

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He also realizes the value of historic preservation to the economy of this area because of the tourists, researchers and writers who come here to find their own heritages or write about this area and its people.

He and his wife both use their talents to educate the children and adults all over Kentucky about Kentucky History. I’m sure that Tom Ellis loves this area and chose this as his home 17 years ago because he, too, saw how much the people of this community value their heritage. He wants to be a part of that preservation and will work hard to save it. 

I urge you to please vote for Tom Ellis for Magistrate in District 1. He truly has a servant’s heart for this entire county and will not neglect any part of it.

Carolyn Crabtree