Hendricks for District 4 magistrate

Published 6:04 am Friday, October 12, 2018

After attending the forum for magistrate for District 4, I would urge you to vote for Jack Hendricks. Jack is retired and has the time to do the job. It is not just a two-hour meeting twice a month, if you do the job properly. There are meetings at the jail, animal shelter, parks and recreation and other facilities a magistrate must attend to survey the problems and work to find the solutions. There are many phone calls from constituents, and Jack never fails to get back to them.

There are times a magistrate must drive the roads in his district and schedule work that needs to be done to solve a problem.

Jack is very good with budgets, as he managed multi-million dollar budgets when he worked for UPS.

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Working on the budgets for the county is a major job and Jack will always be sure your tax dollars are being spent wisely. Jack has the time, the experience and the dedication to do this job, so I ask for your vote for Jack Hendricks for magistrate District 4.

As Jack’s wife of 60 years, I can assure you Jack will do the job you elect him to do.

Shirley Hendricks