Linderman for Congress

Published 6:58 am Friday, October 12, 2018

I recently attended what was offered by the non-partisan Women’s Network as a debate between Brett Guthrie and Hank Linderman, the candidates for our (Second District) U.S. House of Representatives seat. But as he has done throughout this campaign, Rep. Guthrie declined to debate. So, this became a forum to ask questions of Hank Linderman, the Democrat.

Anyone who has read my letters already knows I am not happy with our current representation in Washington. Money has corrupted our “public” servants so that the only way they will listen to you is if you have something that helps them.

Congressman Guthrie began as a “man of the people” in support of term limits and promised to only serve two terms.  He is now running for his sixth term and although the Congressman has met with his constituents (unlike our two Senators), I feel he listens, but he does not hear our concerns.

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Hank Linderman is not a politician, he is a musician. Hank wants to bring a musician’s ability to collaborate to a very broken DC.

You may not know much about Hank Linderman as he has very limited advertising money.  Hank is campaigning the old-fashioned way, by going out to meet voters where they live.   

You should be aware that Hank is not accepting money from Super PACs or corporations.  Therefore, if elected, he will only be beholden to the voters! Remember that as you go to the polls and think about which candidate will HEAR you! The only term limit we currently have is called voting.

Become an educated voter. Do your research. Google Brett Guthrie’s voting record on health care (repeal without replacement), tax cuts (have they really helped you?), the environment (including our local water supply) and education (counseling before you get a student loan, so you know how deep in the red you will be when you start your career).

Then go to Hank Linderman’s website, or his Facebook page (@hank4ky) and read his positions on issues impacting Kentucky. I recognize that governing is different than campaigning, but you will get a sense of the man. Then vote on Nov. 6 like your future and the future of your family depends on it, because it does.

I will be voting for Hank Linderman, Democrat, U.S. House of Representatives, Second District.  Please join me and send the message, “We will be heard!”   

Julie Pease