Chidester for judge-executive

Published 6:54 am Tuesday, October 16, 2018

In the present divisive political environment, Boyle County would be well-served to elect Gary Chidester as judge-executive. I have known Gary for 16 years and have found him to be intelligent, honest and hard working. Most importantly, I have never heard him say a derogatory word about anyone. Boyle County needs a leader without an ego and who doesn’t care who gets the credit for progress.

Progress is hard to define when dealing with the drug and jail issues in Boyle County, unless you are Gary Chidester. Gary worked diligently to address the overcrowding problems at the jail by assisting with Shepherd’s House, as well as helping create the Hope Network. He has also participated in New Hope Food Pantry, a place where struggling Boyle Countians can receive food. Certainly, these exemplify progress by anyone’s standards.

Gary is not a novice in public service, having served on the local Planning and Zoning Commission. Gary sincerely wants to improve our county and I believe he will prevail. The divisions in our county are real, and we need a leader not afraid of compromise for the good of all. Getting everyone to pull together will move Boyle County forward. Boyle County is fortunate to have such a qualified, passionate candidate.

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I fully support Gary Chidester for Boyle County judge-executive.

Lowery W. Anderson