Coomer for Boyle County clerk

Published 6:55 am Tuesday, October 16, 2018

I am voting for George Coomer for Boyle County Clerk, here’s why:

Remember the year you got two property tax bills because Trille Bottom’s office didn’t do the math correctly?

Remember when Trille Bottom’s office was audited by the State of Kentucky for failure to prepare 55 2015 franchise tax bills? Those bills totaled $498,492.00 and affected Boyle County schools, library, extension office, City of Danville, fiscal court, fire, health and soil conservation agencies. 

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By Ms. Bottom’s own admission as quoted in the Sept. 20, 2016, edition (page A6) of The Advocate-Messenger, “It’s just a matter of not being efficient with the certifications and getting the bills made and not having enough staff to where I can focus on specific things and some of my job duties get lost in the shuffle.” This was not the first time Ms. Bottom has given excuses for her delinquency in performing her duties.

I made numerous trips to the courthouse to review minutes of the fiscal court proceedings which by law, (KRS 61.835), states that minutes of public agency shall be promptly recorded and open to public inspection, no later than next meeting of the body. On several occasions, the missing minutes were as much as two months in arrears from the official Minute Book. When questioned, Ms. Bottom just shrugged and stated they were on her computer in her office. That does not constitute open inspection for the public as we do not have the key to her office or her computer password. Ironic that an elected clerk tasked with adhering to the law, would disregard and violate it.

Therefore, I’m voting for George Coomer, county clerk. As a real estate professional, George knows the meaning of “time is of the essence.” He is also well-versed in the KRS statutes of the commonwealth as Realtors have to pass exams on law and the proper handling of other people’s money. He is also aware of the timely recording of deeds, mortgages, liens, wills and other legal documents as well as proper procedures regarding tax bills. And George desires to make the clerk’s office more accessible with extended hours for those who work. He has many new ideas that will enhance and benefit Boyle County and he will carry out his duties with due diligence, respecting the office and the citizens in the process.

Deb Arnold