Etherington for Danville school board

Published 6:53 am Tuesday, October 16, 2018

In today’s explosive culture, it is refreshing to have a candidate for Danville school board who shuns politics and simply believes in the Danville Schools. Aaron Etherington is that person.

I am a proud graduate of Danville High School and Vanderbilt University. I now attend Vanderbilt Law School. I had the privilege of working with Mr. Etherington when I was student body president at Danville High School my senior year. We did not always agree on the issues facing the student body, but he was someone who listened and appreciated varying viewpoints. He cared about improving Danville High School regardless of his personal opinions.

As an alumna of DHS and a college graduate, I am grateful to Mr. Etherington for his devotion to the Danville Schools and his determination to make our district better. I attribute much of my success to the education I received in the Danville Schools. I am certain the other candidates have strengths, but none have the qualities, devotion and first-hand experience in the classroom and in administration as Mr. Etherington!

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I am proud to vote for Aaron Etherington. He is the only candidate who has taught and held administrative positions in our district. He is the most qualified candidate.

Cloe M. Anderson