Smiley, Becker and Ball for Danville school board

Published 6:59 am Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Correction: In this letter to the editor, it originally stated that Danville school board candidate Aaron Etherington “has admitted regret to allowing a former Danville board chairman talking him into running for school board.” That statement is the author’s opinion, but has not been corroborated and Etherington says the statement is untrue. We regret the error and are happy to correct it.

When you vote on Nov. 6, remember 1, 2, 5. Those are the ballot positions of the Danville School Board candidates who will best serve ALL of Danville’s students. Paul Smiley, Steve Becker and Glenn Ball are those candidates.

I attended the forum for board candidates. All five candidates attended and presented their views of being potential board members. I have very strong concerns about Aaron Etherington and Michael Strysick being on the Danville school board.

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Aaron Etherington is a former teacher and building principal at Danville High School. He is currently the building principal at East Jessamine High School.

How will he possibly have time for our school board when he works in another county? Building principals work notoriously long hours. How will he have sufficient time and energy to devote to our students while tending to the 1,000 students, 50-ish teachers, staff, parents and community attached to his building?

Michael Strysick is a professor at Centre. He was very confident and articulate, as one would expect. His knowledge of testing and use of data was apparent.

He stated that he would be in and out of the superintendent’s office on a regular basis. It sounds as if he needs to supervise and micromanage the superintendent. This is the very behavior that has caused so much turmoil in our school district.

It’s time to free our school system from the bad behavior of boards past.

We need Paul Smiley, Steve Becker and Glenn Ball. All three gentlemen are in it for the students. Mr. Smiley and Mr. Becker are veteran board members who bring needed stability and calm consideration of issues that face the board.

Mr. Ball is a Danville native who spent his career in the aerospace industry in Florida. He’s a proud graduate of Bate High School. He is a substitute teacher at Bate Middle and Danville High School. He literally has his fingers on the pulse of our students. It is apparent he loves being with the students and imparts his very wise knowledge of success at life with them.

Remember 1, 2, 5: Smiley, Becker, Ball for Danville School Board. Our children’s future depends on them.

Elaine Wilson-Reddy