Becker for Danville school board

Published 6:27 am Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Over the last several decades, independent school districts in Kentucky seemingly have gone the way of the dinosaur through consolidations. Those city districts that have not been relegated to books about the history of public education have to work hard to deal with smaller enrollments and budgets.

The Danville district is one of the survivors, and the main reason for this success story is the hard work, innovation and vision of many Danville school boards, superintendents, administrators, staff, parents and, most of all, dedicated teachers who continue to make the city district viable, valuable and successful.

One of the people who has helped to keep Danville schools moving forward is longtime board member Steve Becker.

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I respectfully ask that voters in the Danville school district to re-elect Steve for another term on the the school board so he can keep his good works.

Steve, a retired full-time food service company operator, has been involved in many community organizations and projects during his nearly three decades here in Danville. But topping his “giving back to the community” list has been his work in the area of local education, including his more than dozen years on the Danville board and also his work with the Homeless Education and Even Start programs.

Steve not only has  “institutional” knowledge of issues that have faced school boards over the years but has a solid grasp of the issues of today and has thoughtful ideas for tending to them and looking to the future.

For instance, his current agenda includes drafting a strategic plan to map the future of the district,  increasing mentoring and professional development programs for teachers, and putting in place policies to allow greater input from teachers, students, parents and the public at large into board decision making and making that process more transparent.

And here is where I believe Steve’s service on the board shines brightest: He not only is a local leader of education, he also is a student of it. He not only has attended board training sessions sponsored by the state he has demonstrated both his resourcefulness and dedication by doing a lot of independent study on his own time and on his own dime.

Thanks to board members like Steve Becker, a steady hand at the wheel of the Danville school board, this historic and successful independent school district remains alive and well and moving forward.

Herb Brock