Chidester for judge-executive

Published 6:33 am Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I  would ask every registered voter in Boyle County to do three things. First, be informed about each candidate in the races that you are eligible to vote. Second, exercise the right to vote on Nov. 6 and go to the polls. Third, and this comes from a registered Republican, vote for each man or woman based on their ability to represent us as citizens of Boyle County NOT because of their party affiliation.

I grew up with a father who was a registered Republican and a mother who was a registered Democrat. Election discussions around our house were always engaging, enlightening and boisterous. Yet, after all the discussions, their words to us were to support the best candidate regardless of party. This is why I am supporting Gary Chidester for judge-executive.

He is a business owner — he and his partners started their business from scratch 18 years ago.

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He is a volunteer — four years and counting at the jail, six years on planning and zoning (two of those as chair), Hope Network, Rotary, active in his church for 44 years (serving as deacon over 30 of those), mentor in our schools, workforce development subcommittee of the EDP — this list could go on but the point is made.

Gary is a classic example of a servant leader. He is inclusive. He empowers those he works with. He is respectful. He will always try to do what is right and best for Boyle County.

Please get to know the candidates, their platforms, and vote on Nov. 6.

Dr. Chuck Keiser