Linderman for Congress

Published 6:40 am Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The 2018 Second Congressional District race presents a meaningful choice between candidates.

I have met and listened to Congressman Brett Guthrie, an articulate and congenial gentleman, who has voted to lower taxes and to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. Borrowing money from future generations to pay for a tax cut overwhelmingly tilted to the benefit of those not needing (but wanting) it, during a period of relatively low unemployment, and leading the fight to take away health care from millions of Americans in need, with no viably effective alternative in place, make less than no sense to this voter. 

I have also met and listened to his challenger. I believe that Hank Linderman will be an honest, effective and independent voice for our district. He will strive to fix the healthcare and prescription drug crises in our country in a fair and comprehensive manner. He wants to pursue economic development for the benefit of the entire district, including rural areas. He takes seriously the moral responsibility to implement solutions that effectively address climate change issues threatening our world and future generations.

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I support the candidate who brings an attitude and unifying approach, similar to that of former Rep. William Natcher, who reached across the aisle to Republicans and worked with members of both parties. I support the candidate, who, while listening to his constituents, remains open to intelligent and effective bipartisan solutions to the many serious issues too long neglected by politicians of both parties.

That candidate is Hank Linderman.

Please vote for him.

Joe Myers