The benefits of owning a pet

Published 6:51 am Friday, October 19, 2018

Owning pets can help one lead a longer, healthier and happier lifestyle. Pets can offer an unconditional love that can help you feel better about yourself and less lonely as a person. Having pets can lower your blood pressure and help reduce anxiety, which can help reduce pain. Studies have shown that those recovering from surgery need less pain medicine if they have a pet in their home. Pets also help their owners with mental and emotional issues. Giving someone a pet to take care of can help them feel needed and wanted.

Pets can also play a major part in the development of children. If a child is close to a pet, it can help them be more expressive with their families and peers. It can also help children with ADHD and those suffering from autism. Taking care of a pet can help children focus and develop a routine. It can also help children develop less allergies and attend school more than children who don’t have pets. So, if you don’t have a pet, visit your area’s local animal shelter and share in these benefits.

Melissa Norman

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