Boyle County community supported fight against pipeline

Published 6:06 am Saturday, October 20, 2018

On behalf of the Steering Committee for the group Citizens Opposed to the Pipeline Conversion (COPC), we wish to thank the entire Boyle County community for its support during the past four years.

On Oct. 17, 2018, Kinder Morgan announced that it was cancelling its proposed project to transport the harmful Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) through an existing 70-year-old pipeline which runs through our county. The reversal of flow, the heavier weight of the NGLs, and the proximity of the pipeline to schools, businesses and our water supply would have created an extremely dangerous situation.

Many citizens contributed to the effort to educate the public about the proposed project and to establish some safeguards. We thank those who attended meetings, wrote letters, signed petitions and visited state and national officials.

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We appreciate the continued support of The Advocate-Messenger; its reporters, editors and publishers not only provided valuable publicity but also timely research and information.

We are indebted to our local governing bodies, all of whom approved strong resolutions against the project; to our Planning and Zoning Commission which adopted a zoning ordinance which might have blocked the project; to the Kentucky Resources Council which provided valuable advice; and to many other groups and individuals who gave leadership and support.

The world-wide market for NGLs is low at the present time, a fact which affected Kinder Morgan’s decision to abandon its project. However, the NGLs, produced by the fracking process to obtain petroleum and natural gas, are a valuable feedstock for industry, particularly for making plastics.

We must keep abreast of any further issues which could harm the health and safety of citizens as well as our environment.

Sarah Vahlkamp and Tena Messer

Citizens Opposed to the Pipeline Conversion