Chidester for judge-executive

Published 6:58 am Saturday, October 20, 2018

During our 35-year marriage, Tim and I have long held divergent political opinions. He has routinely supported the Republican candidate while I have supported the Democratic opponent. Things are different for us this year. In the election for Boyle County judge-executive, we are strongly united and know how we will vote. We are both throwing our support behind Gary Chidester.

Tim and I first met Gary through church when we moved to Danville. Over the years, our friendship and respect for him grew as we worked together on various projects. On a personal note, through my many cancer treatments and surgeries, Gary stopped by twice a day to check on the house, to see how I was doing, and even offer a word of prayer. If anything was needed, he was always there without hesitation.

We know that he will offer the same level of dedication, support and servant leadership to Boyle County as our judge-executive. Tim and I are awed by his commitment to understand the multiple issues of our citizenry and the operational aspects of the business of our Boyle County government. Gary understands the importance of partnering with our economic development program, of being able to direct high school graduates to local jobs, of addressing the many challenges facing our detention center, and keeping our vibrant communities safe. As county judge-executive, Gary will be prepared to offer solutions and guidance across all socioeconomic levels, political leanings, and any other possible demographic category.

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This election is so important to all of us. We encourage you to take the time to vote because your voice matters. As judge-executive, Gary Chidester will hear your voice. He will listen. He will act on your behalf.

Tim and Jo Ann Rice