From our files, October 20

Published 6:43 am Saturday, October 20, 2018

100 YEARS AGO — 1918

By order of the Board of Health, all persons having “flu” or pneumonia must have their clothes boiled for 30 minutes before sending them to the laundry. If this is not not done, they will not be taken by the Danville Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company. Anyone violating this rule will subject themselves to prosecution.

The Spanish influenza epidemic that has been sweeping all over the United States did not spare Danville and the conditions in this city have been bad and there have been a few deaths from this mysterious disease. During the past two weeks there have been about 700 cases of influenza in Danville. At the colleges, there is said to have been about 300 cases and 500 cases in the county.

Notice is hereby given that the regular November election, to be held on Nov. 5, 1918, the following question will be submitted to the qualified voters in precinct 2: Are you in favor of making it unlawful for cattle generally to be permitted to run at large upon the public highway and on unenclosed land in Mitchellsburg?

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Junction City news: Eggs have gone to 48 cents: The boys have top fever now and marbles have gone to the wall and some have broken out costly lights in stores. So be careful boys where you spin your tops: Mrs. Mittie Alstott is at the old hospital in Danville helping the influenza overflow from the new hospital.

75 YEARS AGO — 1943

Patients and enlisted men at Darnall General Hospital who were entertained at the auditorium made no secret that they were excited and thrilled by the appearance of Miss June Haver, the lovely young 20th Century-Fox star, who came to visit them. An instant hit when she stepped on the stage, the blonde, softly beautiful Miss Haver offered song and dance novelties which were received with rousing cheers and the popular whistles of the very young men.

The 206 pupils of Broadway school have completed the purchase of three Jeeps for the use of soldiers in the U.S. Army, the last Jeep having been bought with $1,450 of War Bonds and War Savings stamps subscribed for by the youngsters since the opening of school on Sept. 7, said Miss Jennie Rogers, principal at East End school. Miss Rogers conducts a 15-minute War Bond and War Savings stamp sales period every morning in the school library where children, down to the tiniest first-graders, make their own purchases. Not satisfied with the part they have been playing in providing Jeeps for the government’s use, the children of Broadway school now want to purchase a larger vehicle next time and have their eyes on an airplane in the future.

Four women were included in a group of 15 Boyle countians who joined the ranks of the U.S. Navy during September and October. Enlistees in the WAVES, women’s branch of the Navy, include sisters Catherine Agnes Kelly and Juanita Jane Kelly, Elizabeth Lococo and Thelma Evelyn Warren.

50 YEARS AGO — 1968

Danville has been selected as one of the 22 finalists in the 1968 All American City competition out of a field of 156 cities. The 11 cities that survive the finals will receive feature coverage in Look Magazine. The application is a community development project of the Danville Jaycees, who had cooperated with the Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce in winning the All Kentucky City Award earlier this year.

Indications are that the finishing touches on the Danville and Boyle County Airport, which includes only the installation of a medium intensity lighting system for the new runway, will be made in the early winter. The Airport Board consists of Joe Clarke, Jere Caldwell, J.O. Bohanon, D.K. Albright, Hulin Mattingly and Ray Holbrook.

The 100th anniversary commemoration of the SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Church will be held on Sunday. Msgr. Francis Timoney of Nazareth, a native of Danville and a priest for 50 years, will be among the guests.

Danville had a dog license law as early as 1897. This fact was turned up this week with the finding of an old dog tag by Mrs. Forrest Center of Eaton, Ohio. The tag was inscribed “No. 160, Danville, Kentucky Dog License – 1897.” She found the tag in the personal effects of her late husband.

25 YEARS AGO — 1993

Residents of northern Garrard County are lobbying the governor and legislators for state funding to build a new elementary school at Camp Dick Robinson. Garrard County already has its name in the pot for state funding to build a new school at Camp Dick where more than 55 percent of students currently attend class in portable buildings.

Danville’s Holiday Inn will become a Days Inn within the next few months. The Holiday Inn opened about 20 years ago and has 114 rooms and is Danville’s largest motel.

Two men were arrested in Parksville when police attempted to break up a stolen property ring. Eighteen state police, the Boyle County Sheriff, five deputies and a helicopter search team converged on a home on Church Road Loop because they thought the sheriff’s department was being shot at. “The first call we got in was that the sheriff was being shot as. We found out it was a deputy who was shooting at the suspects,” a spokesperson said. However a deputy said they were only firing warning shots, which made the situation sound worse than it actually was. “Up that hollow, it sounded like a small war,” the spokesperson said.