Hardin for Boyle County jailer

Published 6:00 am Saturday, October 20, 2018

I support LeeRoy Hardin for Boyle County Jailer. I believe he is the most qualified and experienced candidate for the job. I retired from the jail after working there 20 years in 2017. I have worked long enough to know who needs this position. I have crossed paths with LeeRoy many times as he was a deputy and sheriff.

No matter what the situation was he always treated people fairly. He is a straightforward and direct person. Leeroy’s experience in the county government spans a career of 23 years, giving him extensive knowledge of the working of county government. When a situation would arise, he would take great strides to not only correct them, but implement a path for improvement in the future.

His dedication and devotion would lead to many positive changes; this dedication not only would create a safer environment for the staff, but for the inmates as well.

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Please make sure you put a “leader that will listen”” in the Boyle County Jailor position! Vote LeeRoy Hardin on Nov. 6.

Sandy Stephens

Russell Springs