Mayes for District 1 magistrate

Published 6:03 am Saturday, October 20, 2018

This letter is in support of magistrate candidate Dickie Mayes. We have known Dickie virtually all our lives. He is a native of Boyle County, having been raised in the Perryville area. His family is well established in the county’s community, where his father ran a hardware store for years and where Dickie farms today.

What makes the best candidate for county magistrate?

It seems the ideal candidate for county magistrate would be an individual who understands the importance of teamwork. Often, athletics is some of the best training ground in building such a foundation at an early age. Dickie Mayes’ passed this test. Winning the vote and admiration of Kentucky High School coaches across the state he was named an All-State Linebacker while playing football for Boyle County High School. He was also a team leader being named captain of his high school team. His tenacity on the field was balanced by his humbleness and kindness off the field with his classmates. Dickie would go on to attend the University of Kentucky and come back home to Boyle County where he’s been ever since, working the family farm.

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In the same manner of his youth, Dickie doesn’t wear his accomplishments on his shirtsleeve for the world to see as many politicians do today. He just goes about his business, getting things done and leading by example. This was recently seen in his stance working in public and behind the scenes to ensure his constituents did not lose access to the convenience center in Mitchellsburg for trash delivery.

Although not a prerequisite for leadership, there is something to be said about a candidate who grew up in the area. They understand the personality of the community because they lived it. The laws they pass are not just affecting a citizen of Boyle County, it affects their school classmates, their friends, moms and dads, and aunts and uncles. It’s not just head knowledge for them, it is heart knowledge.

Dickie Mayes is the type of candidate who will stand and fight for what he feels is best and right, representing all Boyle Countians regardless of party affiliation. In the process, his humbleness about his success and accomplishments, and tenacity in taking on a challenge will make all Boyle Countians proud.

We ask your vote for Dickie Mayes.

Jerry Feather


Anne Sleet

Perryville Mayor