Etherington for Danville school board

Published 1:18 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Throughout my years in the Danville Schools, I was proud to be known as one of the most enthusiastic supporters of Danville students, teachers, and the potential of this district. At Danville High School, there were many true believers always ready to go the extra mile for all students, with Aaron Etherington at the top of that list throughout his time as a top-notch teacher and trusted administrator.

Aaron has always had devotion to each student. He expected everyone to perform at a high level and worked tirelessly to help every student become more than ready for college or careers.

I am proud that he remains in the community as a citizen and parent and decided to run for school board. Aaron understands the challenges our education system faces, knows what it takes to succeed at high levels, and cares deeply about the success of all Danville students.

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I am so glad to write and encourage the great people of Danville to vote for Aaron Etherington for school board. A great school district needs great leaders, and I can say with confidence that Aaron is one who can make a difference.

Vaughn Little