Hardin for Boyle County jailer

Published 1:17 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It isn’t shocking news that a spouse would endorse their partner’s candidacy, but let me tell you why I believe so strongly LeeRoy is the right choice to serve as your jailer.

LeeRoy started his law enforcement career shortly before we married 31 years ago. For 23 years, he served as a police officer in Junction City, a deputy, and as your sheriff. He was a face everyone knew and always took his job seriously.

During those 23 years, he missed a lot of holidays, family functions and being called out at all hours of the night only to return home at the start of another shift. Even though this may not mean anything to you, it means a lot to our family. We saw firsthand his dedication to protecting not only his family, but the citizens of Boyle County.

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Why was he so dedicated some may ask? LeeRoy came from a rough childhood and had walked in several shoes and knew where some were coming from. He did whatever he could to treat people fairly and as human beings regardless of their troubles. During his time as sheriff, he handled a $12 million budget, established the county’s first 24-hour patrol, met with fiscal court, collected taxes, transported prisoners and managed the sheriff’s department.

His vision for the future is to work closely with federal, state and local agencies to ensure a fiscally responsible, transparent, efficient and secure correctional facility. He believes in firm but fair regulations, transparent accountability and compassionate leadership. He wants to improve the image of the jailer position and to be a positive influence in the community, especially when it comes to setting an example. He wants to be a face not just a name.

I encourage you to vote for a leader that will listen on Nov. 6 and vote LeeRoy Hardin for jailer.

Cheryl Hardin