Coomer for Boyle County clerk

Published 6:52 am Wednesday, October 24, 2018

When was the last time a Boyle County Court Clerk was elected to this office without the benefit of being first appointed, and then running in the general election as an incumbent? Let’s try 1895!

In that year began the Nichols dynasty that lasted until 1997. That’s 102 years. Then began a succession of appointments that resulted in Trille Bottom being appointed in 2008.

This continued the strategic and psychological advantage of there always being an incumbent in the office when forced to run for reelection.

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This election in 2018 is the first time since 1895 (123 years !) that the voters of Boyle County have a real choice of who serves them as the County Court Clerk.

Let’s break this vicious cycle of one party domination and elect an individual with fresh ideas and the capabilities to bring our Court Clerk’s office to a par with our surrounding counties.

Please join me on November 6th in helping to elect George Coomer to the office of Boyle County Court Clerk.

Tom Tye

Chair, Boyle County Republican Party