Ellis for District 1 magistrate

Published 6:47 am Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My letter today is to give total support to Tom Ellis, who is a District 1 magistrate candidate in western Boyle County. I grew up on land there where a spectacular country road is named for my family.

The Advocate-Messenger reported last week Kinder-Morgan’s Pipeline has been shelved. That proposal to send highly explosive, dangerous polluting fracking chemicals through Boyle County would jeopardize men, women, children, livestock and Boyle County farmland. It would be the end of our water supply if it ever leaked into Herrington Lake!

Ever since that project was first announced, Tom Ellis has been writing letters to The Advocate-Messenger to protect our county and region. He learned over two years ago about one incident where the very pipeline in question collapsed near our western Boyle County line where it comes in from Marion County.

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That 70-plus-year-old pipeline runs right through great farmland, hunting grounds and between Mitchellsburg, Parksville and Perryville. To think that all of that rich land, with a heritage back to pioneer days, could have been ruined is unacceptable.

Knowing this, Tom Ellis acted. He researched Kinder-Morgan. He contacted Perryville City Council and then brought them a resolution to fight against the pipeline. It was adopted unanimously without change.

Mr. Ellis traveled to Frankfort and met with state Representative Daniel Elliott who brought state officials into the fight. Then, he answered Sen. Girdler’s challenge and sent a draft resolution against Kinder-Morgan’s proposal that was ultimately adopted by our Kentucky Senate.

The Kinder-Morgan Pipeline issue is among several others tackled by Tom Ellis. With a group from Mitchellsburg, he led the charge to keep the Mitchellsburg Convenience Center open. And he led others pushing back on the huge property tax increase that the Boyle County School System attempted to pass. They won!

There is no other candidate more experienced, more dedicated and more active in fighting for western Boyle County than Tom Ellis.

On Election Day, Nov. 6, vote Tom Ellis, District One magistrate.

Jim Hogue