Bottom for Boyle County clerk

Published 6:32 am Friday, October 26, 2018

I have had the privilege of knowing Trille Bottom for most of my young adult life. Before her time as clerk, Trille served many years as the office manager for the sheriff’s office. Her duties in this role further prepared her for the task of county clerk.

She always treated people with the upmost dignity and respect, something she has carried over into the clerk’s office. Since her time as clerk, she has made tremendous strides to ensure that her office and staff function as smoothly and efficiently as possible, all while keeping the cost to the taxpayer at a minimum.

I have studied in great detail what each candidate has to offer. She is by far the only candidate qualified to hold the position of county clerk.

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Trille is a lifelong resident of Boyle County and is someone who will listen regardless of who we are or what political party we are affiliated with. She has changed the culture within the office and I know this will continue once she is re-elected. This election is more important than ever and our hard earned tax dollars shouldn’t be trusted with just anyone.

I urge the voters of Boyle County to join me in casting their vote for a tremendous lady of character, keeping Trille Bottom as our county clerk.

Jeremy Hardin