Etherington for Danville school board

Published 6:34 am Friday, October 26, 2018

As a former educator at Danville High School, my love for the students and the community runs deep.  The rich tradition of Danville Schools and their excellence in the classroom has always been dependent on strong leadership, character, and integrity.  Aaron Etherington is a leader who has these qualities in addition to an excellent work ethic.  While I worked for him at the high school, his expectations of faculty and staff carried over into the classroom and throughout the student body.  He held students and staff accountable for their outcomes while encouraging the students to strive to keep raising the bar.  He was usually the first person to arrive and the last to leave the building.  He cared about kids and their success in school but most of all in life.

Danville Schools are at a crossroads where key decisions need to be made for the betterment of the students and the community.  Aaron Etherington can bring solid ideas and plenty of energy to again set the standards at a the highest of levels. I know Danville Schools will be better off for him helping lead the way into the future.  The world of education is changing in regards to the way students are being engaged.  Career and Technical Education is becoming a very integral part of the learning process as the industries throughout our state are showing job shortages and the need for a strong labor force.  Mr. Etherington has a strong belief of making sure students are prepared to graduate and attend an institution of higher learning or going into the world of work. 

The Danville Schools and this wonderful community can rest easy knowing their child’s best interests are being taken care of by a leader with a passion for education, dedication for achievement, and an open mind to allowing students to learn in a variety of ways.  I strongly urge the Danville community to embrace and vote Aaron Etherington to the school board.  He will be a difference maker for this school system at a time a difference is greatly needed. Vote Etherington to the school board and keep Danville Schools Strong!

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George Stafford