Hunt for judge-executive

Published 6:29 am Friday, October 26, 2018

Leaders become great not merely because they lead, but because they strive to fully understand the issues and have the ability to select the best people for any given job. Good leaders build good teams and work to help all involved to succeed together, achieving well beyond what would be possible for individuals working alone. Good leaders nurture this synergy. They assemble the best and brightest and work hard to encourage their innate excellence.

I have watched how Howard Hunt has conducted his campaign and can see how he applies his lifetime of leadership experience. When talking with the people in Boyle County, he listens carefully to their concerns and their difficulties. He takes them to heart. Then he actively seeks out people inside our own community who possess essential knowledge on those particular topics of concern. He listens attentively to those individuals as well, asking questions to learn all he can and adds that new information to his existing knowledge to develop fresh, effective ways to approach even the most difficult challenges.

I know Howard Hunt doesn’t quit. I know he is a man of honor, ethics, and morals. I know he works hard to help others regardless of how long his own day, week, or month may have already been. His kind heart and encouraging words boost those around him and his inner strength gives others confidence in their own abilities and in his.

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I cannot imagine a man who would be a more perfect choice to lead us, as a county, toward healthy, sustainable growth through innovation and thoughtful evaluation. He has the gift of flexibility and can course-correct when new information surfaces because he’s focused on the best results, not on a singular or personal path.

He loves Boyle County as only a native son can — the people, the land, and the communities … and it shows.

He is the best choice for Boyle County’s next county judge-executive and I encourage everyone to do their part to make Boyle County better tomorrow than it is today by exercising their right to vote.

Join me at the polls on Nov. 6 to vote for Howard Hunt — and we will all experience what true, selfless leadership can accomplish.

Angela Allen