Herron for Boyle County attorney

Published 6:42 am Saturday, October 27, 2018

I strongly dislike partisan politics. Therefore, when I perform my analysis of candidates running for public office I focus on two primary factors: motive and qualifications. Concerning motivation, is the candidate running for office in order to have a job? Is the candidate running for office to keep their party affiliation “in control” in the community? Conversely, is the person a candidate because they feel compelled to serve the community?

Chris Herron, candidate for county attorney, married my daughter Stacie in 2003. When I asked Chris why he would give up a very successful law practice to become county attorney he immediately replied, “Because I feel compelled to serve my community.” His motive is sincere.

Citizens of any community are best served by elected officials who bring appropriate experience to their positions. Elected officials should be good stewards of the taxpayers’ monies. This will be best achieved by electing persons who have a strong experience base in the subject area for which they are seeking office.

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After passing the bar exam on his first attempt, Chris had the courage to open his own law practice rather than take the more secure step of becoming an associate attorney at a well-established law firm. While I was secretly apprehensive, Chris worked to successfully create a sustainable local law practice, and in 2009, furthered his commitment to this community by purchasing a prominent building on Main Street in Danville so that he could operate his growing law practice and become a landlord for rental space.

Chris has practiced law in this community for 15 years, encompassing over 1,500 cases.  He is well-qualified in the courtroom. One of the relatively unknown responsibilities of the county attorney is to provide legal counsel in all business matters pertaining to Boyle County’s $22 million operating budget. Chris’ experience as a business owner operating a law office, managing employees, serving as a landlord, leasing rental space, and representing clients in numerous and varied business transactions make Chris uniquely qualified to be a valuable resource for Boyle Fiscal Court.

Chris Herron has a strong foundation of experience coupled with a genuine desire to serve the community. He has conducted an honorable campaign. The citizens of Boyle County will be well served if Chris Herron is elected County Attorney.

David B. Williams