HOSA asks for help increasing registered organ donors

Published 6:03 am Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Boyle County High School

The Boyle County HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) needs your help in achieving a very important goal. In collaboration with KODA (Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates), HOSA members are leading an initiative to increase the number of registered organ donors throughout the state. Every day, it is estimated that 20 people die waiting for an organ that donors could provide.

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KODA is sponsoring a statewide competition to increase the awareness of the critical need of registering to become an organ donor. The goal is to enroll as many people as possible, which allows HOSA to compete for a $1,000 grant, which would help the club financially with their other local efforts.

Senior HOSA Vice President Emily Caldwell emphasizes that the money is not the primary goal of organizing this initiative, “Even if there wasn’t a reward system, we would gladly help knowing how many lives could be saved in the future.”

Visit registerme.org/campaign/boyle for more details and to register to help save a life.