Cline for District 5 magistrate

Published 6:32 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Steve Cline, candidate for 5th District magistrate, cares about the people in this district. He has been walking the district for several months in an effort to meet and talk with everyone in the district — and has successfully met most of us.

He cares about the people, not just the position. When he recently knocked on my door, I told him he had my vote and that he didn’t need to waste any time talking with me when he had so many others to meet. His response was “Thanks for the vote, but I wanted to just talk with you.”

He is very concerned about the problems he sees in the district, and has already been reporting potholes he sees in our streets. He is volunteering with senior citizens, delivering Meals on Wheels to older seniors in his district and others. This summer, he shared his homegrown garden tomatoes with folks on his Meals on Wheels route. He feels his primary focus should be 5th District, but he is concerned about things throughout the county.

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Steve is one of the hardest working candidates on this year’s ballot. He says he will continue to work for the district and for Boyle County, and watching him work and hearing his true concerns, I’m sure he will do just that!

Join me. Vote for Steve Cline for 5th District magistrate. He will be the best we have ever had!

Louise S. Allen