Etherington for Danville school board

Published 6:33 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I first heard of Mr. Etherington before ever walking through the doors at Danville High School. He had a reputation as one of the most challenging teachers in the building — and the students who took his classes were proud of their commitment, even if they did not yet know it. I was intrigued by my older classmates’ stories and found myself in his classroom for the first time my sophomore year, studying world history.

I failed (for the first time in my academic career) several of my first few assignments. For the first time, I had to study hours at a time and days in advance for his exams or I knew I would be lucky to pass. I was frustrated at times, and even regretted signing up for the course because I felt spread too thin. Looking back now, I realize that was the point. Mr. Etherington’s expectations taught me the value of my work. Although he was demanding in terms of quality, he was never discouraging to any of his students. He was firm and fair.

Education is an important topic in our country, with varying levels of criticism and support. Thanks to teachers like Mr. Etherington, I have always felt passionate about voicing my belief in our public schools. It is vital to our society that we give students the balance between demand and encouragement so they may pave their own path to success. I know from my relationship with him as a student that Mr. Etherington is committed to doing what is best for Danville Schools, and will advocate for us whenever possible.

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Chappie Couzens