Hunt for judge-executive; Coomer for county clerk

Published 6:57 am Thursday, November 1, 2018

A recent letter to the editor implored readers against one party rule. The writer was alarmed by the one-party rule on the national scene, but didn’t seem to mind it on a local level. I am not trying to call them out, however I do wish to remind all local citizens that here on the county level we have had one party rule for over 100 years. This can end on Nov. 6 here in Boyle County.

I’ve known Howard Hunt since way before he decided to run for Boyle County judge-executive. I first met him when he was Scoutmaster for Troop 27 back in the mid-1980s. That was before he became a general, and I am glad he has decided to run for judge-executive. I knew George Coomer for years before he decided to run for Boyle County clerk and I met him through Scouting too.

Both of these men are running on the Republican ticket, and there hasn’t been a Republican in either of these two positions on a county level in quite a while. Our last Republican judge was Speed Fry back in 1860 (he started as a Whig, and ended his term as a Republican, when he resigned his position as Boyle County judge and formed the 4th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, US). Since then, we have not had a Republican anywhere near that office. A goodly number of our judges were appointed before running as candidates, making them the de facto incumbent before ever facing an election campaign. This is the one-party rule we have had in Boyle County for far too long.

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As for the county clerk, there never has been a Republican in that position. Ever. Not for a lack of trying, but as is the case in the county judge-executive position, a number of our clerks were appointed before being elected. They too were de facto incumbents with the obvious inherent advantages when going into an election.

It would be nice to bring fresh eyes into these two positions. Both of the Republicans running for these offices are extremely well-qualified for the positions and are earnest in their desire to serve allcitizens of Boyle County. I look forward to giving them the opportunity to do so. They both have my vote.

Stephen Ellis