Smiley and Becker for Danville school board

Published 6:59 am Thursday, November 1, 2018

I am writing in support of Paul Smiley and Steve Becker in the upcoming election for the Danville School Board. I worked with both men as members of the Board of Education during my tenure as superintendent of the Danville Schools. They gave of themselves above and beyond the duties of board members because they understood the importance of providing a world class educational experience for all of the children in the Danville Schools. They know from experience that the strength of the Danville Schools is educating all children.  Paul and Steve stand on the principle that “all means all.”

These men have the practical experience of working through challenging budgetary times to stand solidly on standards and practices that support outstanding achievement across academics, athletics, teaching practices, technological advances and student engagement.  They have proven that they readily promote expanded opportunities for teachers and students far beyond the traditional school experience. Danville Kids University is a prime example of past initiatives Paul and Steve helped implement so our students could have an enriched educational experience outside of the classroom.

They approved funding for research-based reading instruction in the elementary schools that enabled all children to gain reading proficiency. In addition, they made a long-term commitment to advance computerized instruction and computer labs at the elementary, middle- and high-school levels.

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Each of these men had their three children educated in the Danville Schools. As graduates of Danville High School, their children’s professional careers are evidence of what can and should be the results of the outstanding job our teachers do in preparing students for the rest of their lives.

However, we do not live in the past. Steve and Paul have proven their commitment to unify, to do what is right and best for students and the teachers who teach them. They have also vowed to make student success a top priority and to move the focus from personal agendas to a district-wide vision. This is really what the business of the board is all about.

They can do it.  I’ve seen them do it before — and they will do it again!

Bob Rowland