Boyle Schools celebrate seniors who score 28 or more on ACT

Published 6:04 am Tuesday, November 6, 2018


News release

On Oct. 22, Boyle County High School (BCHS) hosted its eighth annual ACT Gala in recognition of the forty seniors who received a composite score of 28 or higher on the ACT.

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Over two million students participate in the ACT college entrance exam each year. Nationally, only ten percent of test takers score a 28 or above on the ACT — 19 percent of the BCHS Class of 2019 reached this notable mark.    

BCHS Principal Mark Wade stated, “I couldn’t be prouder of these—and all of our students—for their hard work. They’ve put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to get here.” He continued, “As educators, we are here to support them and help them reach their fullest potential. We’ve really focused on our sophomore ACT program over the last several years, and our students and families are seeing the rewards.”

Since 2015, the Boyle County Board of Education has provided all sophomores the opportunity to sit for the ACT free of charge. Familiarizing students with the live testing environment early lowers anxieties associated with the timed test; but more importantly, the sophomore ACT provides students, families and school administrators powerful data that facilitates academic growth for all.      

For the second straight year, the average composite ACT score for all BCHS seniors reached 22. This is the eleventh highest average amongst all Kentucky high schools and is nearly three points higher than the state’s average score of 19.3.

BCHS seniors scoring 28 or higher on the ACT: Harrison Adams, Jonathan Adams, Ally Anderson, Daniel Anderson, Cody Baker, Makayla Baker, Jordan Bates, Nathaniel Breeding, Cameron Britton, Jadene Brock, Brennen Carlsen, Michaela Carpenter, Abby Carter, Brandon Casey, Zach Casey, Jackson Cox, Elliott Dickinson, Vanita Fitzwater, Elaina Fluty, Cameron Guinn, Ezekiel Harless, Ben Hatfield, William Imfeld, Mary Isola, Will LaFavers, Kathryn Lark, Jacob Lassiter, Lucy Marshall, Bobby McClellan, Collin McGlone, Susanna Moore, Farhan Muhammad, Rachel Rodgers, Kemitha Sims, Bryan Stocker, Jack Stomberger, Blake Vogt, Kagen Walters, Shelby Watson and Jaelyn Young.