Property transfers, November 8

Published 6:39 am Thursday, November 8, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Jennifer L. and Billy R. Inmon, II to Sharon and Mark Naylor, 28.364 acres located about 3/4 miles south of Danville, $1,078,000.

Jonathan and Dawn N. Elliott to 413 North Third Street, LLC, two lots in Hillcrest Subdivision, $37,000.

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Stuart Powell Properties, LLC  to Kiyona J. Brewster, lot in Hendren Heights Subdivision, $122,000.

Anthony and Yvonne Shearer and Jesse Horseman to Donnell A. and Tatyana A. McSweyn, lot in Streamland Subdivision, $153,000.

Kari Wilson and Justin K. Lamb to Bobbie J. and John C. Hancock, Jr., lot in Bluegrass Trace, $255,000.

Midfirst Bank, Roy L. Sebastian, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Midfirst Bank, property on Third Street, $78,131.

Laura S. and Charles F. Pfeffer to Robert D. Shelton, two parcels in Boyle County, $75,000.

Boyle County Habitat for Humanity, Inc. to Romona Taylor. 0.222 acres in Boyle County, $70,220.

Kirk and Michael Bibelhauser to Adam K. and Miranda D. Stocker, lot in Old Bridge Subdivision, $239,000.

Ellen J. Myers and C. Bradley Simmons Trustee of Doctor’s Fork Property Trust UTA to Wendelyn L. Belcher, two parcels in Boyle County, $105,000.

Werne Properties LLC to Lucille I. Sevigny and Vilma T. Levy Revocable Trust, lot on Chestnut Street, $71,050.

Jean Helton to Todd and Lori Wilson, 3.83 acres on Danville-Lebanon Road, $144,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Jerry W.  and Marie A. Greco, Keith P. Greco and Krystle L. Greco to Gregory D. and Karla J. Riddle, lot lying on the northeast side of the Courthouse Square, $30,000.

Brenda C. Monday to Donald D. and Charlotte L. Smither, tract on Wilson Ridge Road, $25,000.

Joan C. and Colby C. Arnold, Barry J. and Sondra G. Carman, Jessica and Steven W. Benintendi, Martha G. and Charles E. Johnson, Steven D. and Delta D. Carman, Edward L. Carman, Jr., and Herbert G. Carman to Steven D. and Delta D. Carman, Edward L. Carman, Jr., and Herbert G. Carman, 12.51 acres on Hwy. 501, $8,000.

James F. Elliott to Marvin L. Perry, 0.811 acres on William Hatter County Road, $70,000.

Arline M. Caughron to Herber E. Neff, two parcels in Casey County, $120,000.

Bernice Luttrell, Dormand Luttrell and Nancy L. Onkst to Scott and Lisa Smith, 2.608 acre tract on Thomas Ridge Road, $7,000.

The Church of God In Christ Mennonite, Liberty Congregation, Inc. to Sipke and Faylene Hiemstra, property in Casey County, $111,234.63.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., by Michael Shelton as authorized agent to Cain E. Rodriguez-Medellin and Denise R. Rodriguez, 1.454 acres on Combs Road, $72,400.

Jeremy T. and Crystal L. Jones to James F. Elliott, 1 1/4 acres in Casey County, $12,000.

Mary A. and Leslie Russell to Kendra T. Weddle, tract on Frog Pond Road, gift; fair cash value, $43,000.

Mary A. and Leslie Russell to Roger W. Thompson, tract on Frog Pond Road, gift; fair cash value, $43,000.

Eva L. Chadwell, Vicky Byrd, Nicole L. and Joseph M. Sparrow and Melissa S. Baez to Eva L. Chadwell, one acre in Casey County, conveyance of property; fair cash value, $1,500.

Eva L. Chadwell to Kevin N. and Valerie J. Spaw, two parcels in Casey County, $20,000.

Diana and Tom Gayheart and Linda S. Hudson to Jurai Rathke, two tracts on Maple Avenue, $90,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Roy W. and Sue Davis to Justin W. and Kelly J. Stewart, two tracts in Garrard County, $40,000.

Aaron B. and Haleigh Miller to Mark A. and Debra A. Keblusek, lot in rolling Meadows Subdivision, $142,500.

Mike Asberry to Black Tie Rentals, LLC, lot on Turner Avenue, $19,000.

Alisa W. James to Stephanie M. Fox and Myrna J. Fox, 45.63 acres on Old Richmond Road, $365,000.

Elizabeth N. Brooks to Jeremy S. and Amy E. Poynter, two parcels in Garrard County, $75,900.

Ellen M. Hagan and Ellen M. Hagan and Denise Hagan Rubin, trustees of the Hagan Family Trust under the last will and testament of Marion C. Hagan to Hagan Farms, LLC, four properties in Garrard County, transfer; fair market value, Property 1 & 2, $660,000; Property 3, $190,000; Property 4, $375,000.

  1. W. and Wanda Ramsey and William B. and Stephanie Ramsey to Kentucky Lodging and Development Company, Inc., property on Richmond Road, Paint Lick, $102,343.40.

Roger K. and Ruth A. York to Kyle S. and Amy M. Cupp, three parcels of the York & York Property, $281,500.

Brenda Johnson to Brian K. and Tina R. Dailey, two lots in the Baker Addition, $60,000.

David R. and Rebecca S. Meade to Spencer and Jordan Crutchfield, two lots in Highview Subdivision, $21,500.

Robert Black, administrator for the estate of Joyce Eckhoff, deceased to Steve Cottingham and Keith Tiemeyer, property on Rice Bend Road, $33,000.

House Kie Properties, LLC to Erin J. McDaniel, two tracts on Hwy. 27 North of Lancaster, $100,000.

Mary Hedges to Dennis Gordin, lot in Mildred Estates, $50,000.\


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Drusella Mullins to Christy F. Cook, tract 9 of the Delbert Gaskin Property Division, Moreland; fair market value, $57,500.

Jennifer and Tony Turner to Danie E. Jr. and Melissa S. Rice, three lots in Sims Addition to the City of Stanford, $21,500.

Jack and Sara Jacobs to Rae-Ina Marie Hogsten, 0.374 acre on KY Hwy 328, near Waynesburg, $48,000.

Twila Simpson to James Timothy and Linda Sue Allen, property on Elm Street, Crab Orchard, $78,000.

Treva Louise Doughty Brickey to Rodney A. and Connie F. Sims, 0.85 acre off Doughty Street, gift; fair cash value, $3,000.

Evelyn F. Grigsby to Mark A. Grigsby, property on KY Hwy 78, $1, property settlement; fair cash value, $105,000.

Krys and Victoria Moore to Kristin D. Witt, lot in Hilltop Acres, $126,900.

Crim and Winnie Mae Smith to Letha McWhorter, 7.51 acres in Lincoln County, $10,000.

Raymond L. and Kathy J. Meece to Carla Robbins, trustee of the Melissa Padgett Trust, pursuant to the last will and testament of Carl M. Hubble, two tracts of land on KY Hwy 1781, containing approximately 1.921 acres, $46,000.

Gary and Rhonda Dodson and Azline D. Dodson, trustee of the Azline D. Dodson Revocable Turst, to Luke VonLinger, property on William Whitley Road, $16,000.

Jay and Cynthia Mumper to Stephen K. Austin, Marilyn Nichols and Susan Austin, lot in Forest Hills Subdivision, $102,500.

Austin Kenneth Austin, and Donna Jean Austin to David Odell and Kala M. Strong, 1.34 acres on KY Hwy 698 (New Salem Road), $127,000.

Susan Rae Hodge to Michael Eugene Hodge, property on Jim Weaver Road, property settlement.

Joe and Charlotte Hampton to Joshua and Rita Hampton, 0.60 acre on Lamb Road, gift; fair cash value, $14,000.

Willie Mae McBeath, by and through Phyllis O. Grant, attorney-in-fact, to Lincoln County Habitat for Humanity, property on Maxwell Street, Stanford, forgiveness of debt in amount of $24,906; fair market value, $48,054.

Angel and Woodie Saylor and Thomas Pope to Yugonda Ramirez Hernandez, 0.349 acre on KY Hwy 39, $10,000.

Luke and Lauren Ashley VonLinger to Luke and Lauren Ashley VonLinger, property on William Whitley Road, survivorship deed; fair cash value, $16,000.

Darrell E. Carman to Daryl Shane Carman, 0.904 acre on Plummer Road, $2,500.

Dallas Todd Conger and Heather and James H. Roop to David and Tamera Southerland, lot in Cornerstone Heights, $120,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Travis Johnson and Christine S. Johnson to Everette T. and Vickie Robinson and Steven D. Robinson, property on Cane Run Street, $157,500.

Christopher and Kathryn L. Orr to Linda Macias, property on Beaumont Drive, $25,000.

Glenn Carr and Barbara Carr to Nelson and Sandra A. Meyer-Clark, 5.83 acres on Old Louisville Road, Salvisa, $143,000.

Patricia and Timothy L. Lewis to Larry C. Henderson, 2.53 acres in Mercer County, $155,000.

Gary D. Crenshaw, trustee of The Crenshaw Family Irrevocable Trust to Anthony J. and Melissa A. Bailey, property on Buster Pike, $60,000.

Jonathan R. and Rachel Albright, Dana Albright, and John D. Albright to Dana Albright, two lots in Montrose Park Subdivision, $65,000.

Martha Anderson to Adrian Way, two lots in Shasta Subdivision, $35,000.

Leigh Ann Hurt, executrix of the estate of Patricia Godby to Michael W. Satterly, property in Mercer County, $100,000.

Jonathan D. and Lynn A. Roche Phillips to Julie A. and Richard Sterling, lot in Hardin Heights Subdivision, $162,500.

Helena Mae Davis to Helena Mae Davis and Carla J. Wilson, lot in Riverview Estates Subdivision, $1.00; fair market value, $85,267.

Taylor R. Hall to KentuckyViews LLC, property on Graham Avenue, $11,000.

Richard S. Reed and Stuart W. and Janice F. Martt to Norma X. Sharp, lot in the Brentwood Subdivision, $155,000.

Stephen J. and Melanie W. Kelley to AFI 007, LLC, 65.541 acres in Mercer County, $407,250.

George N. and Patsy J. Cocanougher to Coco Irrevocable Trust, two tracts of the Ransdell Dairy Inc. Property, gift; fair market value, $178,000.

Lien Solutions, LLC, Ricky Humphrey, The Unknown Spouse, if any, of Ricky Humphrey, The Unknown Occupants, if any, of 1996 Cornishville Road, Harrodsburg, KY, Unknown Spouse, if any, of J. T. Warner, Whitaker Bank, Inc., successor in interest to State Bank & Trust Company, a/k/a State Bank and Trust Co., Donna Humphrey, Performance Animal Health, LLC, INA Group, LLC, DOT Capital Investments, LLC, by and through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner to Billy W. and Violet L. Humphrey, property on Cornishville Road, $40,000.

Community Trust Bank, Inc. to Jay Iacono, property on Warwick Road, $151,950.

The James B. Haggin Memorial Hospital, Inc. to Kathi B. and Clarence E. Hudson, Jr., 0.34 acre tract in Mercer County, $83,500.

Vivian Lee P. Crouch, executrix of the estate of Irvin L. Peers to Robert D. and Melissa Jo Deaton, 40 acres in Mercer County, $85,000.

Thomas G. and Marilyn C. McIntyre to Shannon and Scott A. Loyd and Richard and Tracy Tarrie, property on Cornishville Road, $120,000.

Randolph and Mary C. Couch to Harold D. and Helen F. Baker, property on east side of Main Street, $30,000.