Democrats will work hard for all in Boyle County

Published 7:38 pm Friday, November 9, 2018


Boyle County Democrats

When asked about writing a “guest column” concerning the results of Tuesday’s local election, I was reluctant to agree to do so. After all, I, like everyone else, was tired of politics and ready to move on.

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Making matters worse, several of the Democratic candidates lost, turning over control of the Boyle County Fiscal Court and the Boyle County Attorney’s Office to their Republican opponents, leaving me, as the Boyle County Democratic Party Chair, disappointed and even more disinclined to rehash the election.

Nevertheless, happy that so many other of the local Democrats were successful in his or her efforts, I talked myself into expressing just a few thoughts.

While wishing the outcome had been different to the extent all the Democratic candidates would have been elected, I acknowledge that the voters of Boyle County have spoken and opted for “divided government” at the county level. I have no doubt that the officials elected, both Democrat and Republican, will strive to work together to promote and advance the interests of Boyle County and its citizens.

I am especially certain that the Democrats who were chosen by the voters to serve as circuit court clerk, PVA, sheriff, county clerk, jailer and magistrate will diligently and effectively perform the duties of their respective offices, making all of Boyle County, not just Democrats, proud of them for their service.

With that in mind, I believe everyone in Boyle County should know that the Democratic Party will not go away, fade away or ride off into the sunset. It will continue to be an active, vibrant and vigilant party within the county and the commonwealth. It will be monitoring the actions of our elected officials at all levels of government and playing a significant role in the campaigns for governor and other state government officials that are about to start.

Having said that, I realize that it is evident local Democrats must reestablish and strengthen their relationship with many of the voters who reside in the south end and west end of this county.  Moreover, the party must overcome the perception held in some of our churches that one cannot be both a Democrat and a Christian. Neither I nor anyone I know readily has an answer or solution to that problem, but it’s an issue that must be confronted and resolved.

Richard Campbell is chair of the Boyle County Democratic Party.