Coomer congratulates Bottom

Published 6:18 am Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Gone are the signs and our landscape is returned to her natural beauty; the election is now a week past and Boyle County is the winner. Political competition is healthy, as this is what keeps our elected officials working hard to serve us as best possible. This was a historic election for Boyle County. The ballot was full on both sides with good and qualified candidates. The winners chosen will do a great job in moving our county forward.

For me personally, it was an honor to run and I am truly humbled by the support that I was shown by so many too numerous to mention here. It has been a growth experience that has opened my eyes to how fortunate that I am; it has taught me a few lessons about myself; I have made some great new friends. Overall, I have become a better person from the experience. I will continue my career in real estate and as an auctioneer and will continue to be interested and involved in the betterment our community.

To my opponent, Trille Bottom, I congratulate you on your victory. I appreciate that you ran a gracious and positive campaign; to the victor go the spoils. I appreciate your commitment to public service and know that you will continue to strive to serve us all well. I wish you and your deputies at the Boyle County Clerk’s office nothing but the best.

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Thank you to all that ran and all who turned out to make their voice heard. This is what makes America great!

George Coomer