Chidester reflects on election

Published 6:16 am Wednesday, November 14, 2018

This is not the result we had hoped for after months and months on the campaign trail. But it is the result we must acknowledge. Do I regret not winning — absolutely. Do I regret running for the office — absolutely NOT.

I have been blessed for almost a year now in reaching out to the people of this wonderful community to get to know them, listen to their concerns, and think of ways we can pull everyone together for a common goal. It has been more rewarding than you can imagine.

Before I go on, there are some people I have to thank for being with me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. At the top of the list, my wife Patti. She has never wavered. Her efforts have been tireless, her energy contagious, and her belief in me unfettered.

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To my family — children, grandchildren, my mother and father, Patti’s family — all of you who have made sacrifices on my behalf, I will be forever grateful.

I also have to thank the steering committee that kept me straight when I tended to meander a little off course. It was a bipartisan group with as many Republicans participating as Democrats. That proves that we can work across party lines to make things happen in a positive way. We came up a little short, but it wasn’t from their lack of effort and support,

And of course, I have to extend my congratulations to Howard. He was a formidable candidate whose message resonated with the voters of this county. There is an old saying that leaders need to look over their shoulder every now and then to make sure someone is still following. Howard, I pledge to you my continued support on the many initiatives I already am involved in, including the jail, economic development, and drug intervention and treatment. The problems aren’t going away any time soon, and neither am I.

In the landscaping business, this starts our slow time of year. That’s good. Both Patti and I need a chance to recharge our batteries and to reflect on what the past several months have meant to us.

As I said earlier, I have no regrets about running. I have met some remarkable people in Boyle County — people I may never have met under other circumstances. I will continue to be an advocate for their concerns to the extent I can as a “civilian.” The issues they raised are far too important to lay to rest on Nov. 7.

So again, thanks to you all for being here, for being so supportive, and for allowing me this opportunity that I will never forget. God bless you.

Gary Chidester