Trump is bad in so many ways

Published 6:15 am Friday, November 16, 2018

I think Trump is cracking up. He has rejected the premise of NATO. He has alienated all our allies and emboldened our adversaries. He, the draft dodger with bone spurs, traveled to Europe to commemorate the end of WWI, but didn’t go to the main ceremony with our European allies. Instead, he huddled in his hotel room watching TV and Tweeting. He did not walk arm-in-arm with them down the Champs Elysees — instead he followed in a limo. Then, he returned to the U.S. and, unlike all other presidents, did not go to Arlington Cemetery to lay a wreath on Veterans Day.

After he fired Sessions, he appointed a Reich Wing flunky as AG, a job that the man is in no way qualified to hold in a desperate attempt to shut down the Mueller Investigation. He rages at WH reporters who ask him questions that we all want answered. Since many of the reporters are black women, a history of both misogyny and bigotry are confirmed.

He makes totally unsubstantiated claims charging “voting fraud” in Florida and Georgia and denigrates both our voting process and our democracy. Unfortunately, other Republicans such as Marco Rubio and Rick Scott have joined in the Tomfoolery concerning the elections. What is obvious in that Trump and many if not most Republicans do not want every vote counted, nor do they want every qualified voter to vote. The name of the game is voter suppression and voter disenfranchisement. They have Gerrymandered the country to the point to where in order to win a majority of the House of Representatives, we Democrats have to win a super-majority of the actual votes!

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They absolutely refuse to accept that America is becoming more brown, black and educated female, while their “base” of old white Fox News-watching men is declining. What is becoming more obvious every day is that Republicans have elected a fool if not an out and out madman as their president. He is racist, xenophobic, vacuous, and totally incapable of learning anything. And yet they march in lockstep behind him while the U.S. remains mired in this depravity and the rest of the world moves on without us!    

Jim Porter