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Published 6:03 am Tuesday, November 20, 2018

No one likes to think about death and dying, but it’s something everyone has to face eventually.  There’s an incredible resource in our community that provides comfort, dignity and respect to all those coping with a serious or life-limiting illness. It’s Heritage Hospice Inc.

Heritage Hospice Inc. serves patients and their families in Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer Counties. Services are provided in the patient’s home setting, including but not limited to their private home, nursing facility, or assisted living facility.

November is National Hospice Palliative Care Month, and we’re reaching out to help people understand the importance of planning for the care they would want if they were facing a serious or life-limiting illness.

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The best time to learn about hospice or palliative care — and to make plans for the kind of care you or a loved one would want — is before you are faced with a medical crisis. One of the most frequent comments hospice providers hear from families is “why did we wait so long before calling hospice?”

The hospice team provides expert medical care to keep patients comfortable and able to enjoy time with loved ones. The hospice team answers questions, offers advice on what to expect, and helps families with the duties of being a caregiver. The team also provides emotional and spiritual support for the entire family. Palliative care services can bring the similar type of support earlier in the course of an illness.

If you or a loved one is facing a serious or life-limiting illness, the time to find out more about hospice and palliative care is now. A hospice representative is available to visit with you to discuss your questions or concerns. Heritage is your hospice and your palliative care service. We are here to help in any way we can. We may be reached by calling (859) 236-2425 or (800) 203-6633.

Janelle Wheeler

Executive Director, Heritage

Hospice Danville