Property transfers, Dec. 20

Published 4:55 pm Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Joedy Sharpe Construction Company to Michael A. and Joann T. Jackson, lot of the Hunt Farm, $191,900.

Brad and Aleshia Wilson to Elliott G. and Karen B. Plavcan, two tracts in Boyle County, $400,000.

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Jerry T. and Cindy Young, Jackie D. and Wanda Young, Ronald G. Young, Betty and William Lay and Barbara and Mitchell Warner to Marlin E. and Janice J. Leonard, one lot and east 10 feet of another lot in Paula Heights Subdivision, $115,000.

Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Patricia Ann Seay, property on Hustonville Road, Junction City, $12,600.

Delinda and Sean Newell to AHS Properties, LLC, house and lot on Third Street, $35,200.

Frances K. Shelburne to Priorities, LLC, two tracts of Shelburne Property, $176,000.

Timothy R. Montgomery and Lisa Beth Thomas to Jerry Wayne Darland and Sandra Burton Darland, tract of the Timothy R. Montgomery Property, $18,500.

ABC Company, Inc. to Fortune Time, LLC, lot in the Southern Heights and Wookcock Addition, $1.00; fair market value, $56,000.

Robert E. and Sara D. Glass to Joe and Patricia Marcum, lot in Indian Hills Subdivision, $87,000.

Charles S. Coffey, Sr. to Daniel and Melinda Lawson, lot in Boyle County, $7,500.

Sue and Danny Chambers to Michael C. Dawson, two lots of Maple Gardens Subdivision, $65,000.

Bonnie Lee to Brandon Miller and Stacy Miller, two tracts in Boyle County, $60,000.

Ronald G. Young to Timothy G. Young and Brian K. Young, lot in Mocks Creek Manor Subdivision, $1.00; fair cash value, $85,000.

Estate of William Jeffrey Thurmond, by and through administratrix, Kay F. Thurmond and Kay F. Thurmond to Wyatt L. and Carolyn E. Godfrey, three tracts in Boyle County, $300,000.

Jamie Durham Construction, LLC to Durham Real Estate, LLC, tract in Boyle County, in consideration of consolidation of company; fair market value, $16,890.10.

Jamie Durham Construction, LLC to Durham Real Estate, LLC, lot in the West Danville Subdivision, in consideration of consolidation of company; fair market value, $5,000.

Theresa Beatty, as executrix of the estate of John T. Davis to Christina Sorrels, property on the corner of Lexington Ave. and Sixth Street, $45,000.

Robin Bugg, Thomas Bugg, James Bugg and Joseph and Shelly A. Bugg to Corey Young, 2.490 acres in Boyle County, $98,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Bluegrass Forestry LLC to Solid Rock Mennonite Church, two tracts in Casey County, $20,900.

David Cochran to Robbie D. and Karen J. Selch, parcel on west side of Shucks Creek Road, $10,000.

Lowell G. and Marabeth Thomas to Laura Lee D. and William C. Wesley, parcel at the end of Walter Huff Road, $65,000.

Trisha G. and Barry Ross to David B. and Janet G. Kincheloe, three parcels in Casey County, $15,000.

Deborah J. Montgomery to Marty W. Lamb, two parcels in Casey County, $2,275.

Betty Goode to Brad Vaughn, strip in Goode Subdivision, $1.

Kimberly P. and Donald Rayborn to Savannah A. Chansler, parcel on KY 198, $5,000.

Roxie MacDonald to McKayla Jones, 0.46 of an acre in Casey County, $52,000.

Bluegrass Forestry LLC to Melissa T. Richardson, tracts 3-11 on east side of Hwy. 127, tract 7A and Tract 8A on east side of Contown Road and Tract 9A on southeast side of Antioch Road in Casey County, $203,500.

Marietta Wethington to Vallas and Paula Durham, parcel on east side of US 127, $95,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Mark and Elizabeth M. Strunk and Elizabeth Ann Strunk to Garrard Properties, LLC, parcel on Danville Pike, $55,000.

Barbara H. Montgomery to Justin and Sarah Benton, 15.988 acres in Garrard County, $40,000.

Brian R. and Athena G. Peterson to Davis S. and Kelli L. Padgett, lot in Natures Trace Subdivision, $266,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Richard L. Klecker, 1.039 acre tract on Perkins Lane, $27,200.

Dakota LLC to Karen M. Miller, lot in Tanyard Estates Subdivision, $6,800.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Christopher S. and Laurie A. Lockard to Anthony Scott and Teresa Carrier, lots No. 9-12 of Ponderosa Estates Subdivision, $15,000.

Jennifer Marie Emerson to Robert W. and Marsha Mayfield, 0.38 acre on KY 501, $84,000.

Steven Knight to Anthony Russell and Heather Leigh Kincaid, 0.571 acre on KY 1194, near Moreland, $152,500.

Charles Logan Anness to Paula Loretta Anness, two lots in Miracle Acres Subdivision, located on Sunset Boulevard, property settlement; fair cash value, $60,000.

Billy Shane and Robin Napier, Kenneth and Christy Napier Chambers, Thomas James and Connie James to Sammy L. and Crystal D. Brown, 2.50 acres on the Halls Gap-Ottenheim Road, $22,000.

Kimberly Murphy Terrell, trustee under The George E. Murphy Trust, to First Southern Funding, LLC, 139-acre tract on Old U.S. 27, $700,000.

Jeff Smithern and Lisa Smithern to Jeff Smithern, two tracts of land on Chappell’s Gap, property settlement; fair market value, $20,000.

Joan Johnson, executrix of the Anita G. Taylor estate, to Joseph M. McAlister and Emily Dawn Weddle, 16.059 acres off KY 1781 and KY 3244, $52,250.

Joan Johnson, executrix of the Anita G. Taylor estate, to Elmer E. L. Schwartz, 12.225 acres off KY 3244, $70,400.

Rena Edwards to Monica Godbey, lot No. 2 of Crane Acres Subdivision, lying three-quarters of a mile south of U.S. 150, $32,500.

Rena Edwards to Monica Godbey, lot in Crane Acres Subdivision, division of assets in and settlement of Kathleen Hume estate; fair cash value, $4,000.

Monica and John M. Godbey to Rena Edwards, lot in Crane Acres Subdivision, containing 1.127 acres; fair cash value, $4,000.

Grant V. Gilbert to Jennifer Lynn Gooch, two lots off Goshen Road, containing 16.492 acres; fair cash value, $61,700.

The heirs of Hollis Corn, namely Anthony and Marietta Corn Pettit and Sandra Corn Murphy Byrd, to Sally J. Langdon, two parcels of property on the waters of Moccasin Creek of Green River, $45,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Kevin and Angie Gibson to Joedy and Debra Bottom, lot in Scenic Hill II, $148,075.

Tracey L. and William B. Eyster, Jr. to Jason and Jennifer K. Vaughan, 102.83 acres on Fairview Road, Salvisa, $280,000.

Freeman Farm Partnership, LTD to AFI 007, LLC, 101.30 acres on the north side of KY 152 (Mackville Road), $605,500.

Gerald and Linda Lou Sheperson to Gerald S. and Kristen D. Sheperson, 4.57 acre tract in Mercer County, $20,000.

Wayne and Margaret G. Easton to Robert P. Prather, lot of the William Carlton Devine property, $3,850.

Persis Ormond, executrix of the Michael D. Salvia to Lewis and Cecilia Crosier, lot in Riverview Estates Subdivision, $95,000.

Jimmy and Yvonnia G. Howard to Jimmy and Yvonnia G. Howard, 4.7024 acres in Mercer County, $1.00; fair market value, $66,000.

Jimmy and Yvonnia G. Howard and Loretta Curtsinger to Caleb L. Bottoms, special trustee to Jimmy and Yvonnia G. Howard and William B. Curtsinger, two tracts in Mercer County, $1.00; fair market value, $55,000.

Brian T. Dingee to Daniel H. Miller, as trustee to Brian T. Dingee and Maria A. Robinson, 20.87 acre tract of the Kentucky State Hospital Farm Lands in Boyle and Mercer counties, survivorship; fair cash value, $230,500.