Make downtown Danville safe, attractive

Published 4:34 pm Thursday, December 27, 2018

In response to last Wednesday’s editorial, “What road diet?” I remain convinced that local officials, business owners and related agencies have one of two choices for Main Street Danville — either make it an efficient and convenient thoroughfare for commuters to get through Danville, or, make Main Street Danville a valuable, safe place to shop, eat, worship and do business.

Currently, Main Street is neither.

The traffic flow is horrendous, especially for left turns and the safety for pedestrians is frightening. I have been brushed by vehicles while crossing the street and know of individuals who have been struck.

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My vote would be to make Main Street Danville a welcoming place for those seeking to visit a quaint downtown with all of the shops, eateries and churches the downtown provides.

Slow down the traffic, remove the multi-tonnage vehicles that cut through downtown destroying the roads and stressing the underground utilities, create much needed parking, make crosswalks safe for pedestrians and most of all, accentuate the beauty and historical value that downtown has to offer.

Let’s make Main Street Danville a destination, not a dangerous thoroughfare.

David Roberts