365 new days, 365 new chances

Published 7:59 pm Friday, December 28, 2018

Text and photo by KELSEY WILCHER

Danville High School

Alaysia Texidor gets a headstart on her New Year’s resolution by hitting the books.

New Years is a time for rebirth. For many people, it is a time to spend with your loved ones, and many people think of New Years as a time to reflect and change, or as sophomore Alaysia Texidor said, “A fresh start to another step in life.”

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A big part of New Years is the resolutions. For most people, the resolutions consist of being a better person. Texidor says that she wants to do better in school. Amber Wheat, a junior, said, “I want to give back to my community.” Sophomore Amber Aguilar wants to “get more involved with school.”

Although not everyone is into making resolutions, teacher Patricia Calvert said she does not make resolutions; she “Always tries to do the right thing.” However, she went on to say, “I might help my students with goal setting for next year.”

When asked about her expectations with regard to school, sophomore Ellie Dampier told me, “Mainly, I’m just hoping that there will be a lot less discrimination and bullying in the society.” Patricia Calvert has the same idea when she says she would like to see more world peace.

“In the New Year, I am hoping to see a lot less discrimination. I would like to see people being nicer to their acquaintances and for people to start accepting others for who they truly are,” said Aguilar.

“New Years is a time to reflect on the past year and the decisions you made. It is a chance to think about how you can improve yourself from the last year,” Dampier said. “I personally enjoy thinking back on the situations I was put in and how I dealt with those situations.”

Kelsey Wilcher is a journalism student at Danville High School. She wrote this as part of her class’ work generating content for The Advocate-Messenger’s “From Our Schools” pages.