Kroger should pay its property taxes

Published 2:16 pm Tuesday, January 1, 2019

I have been a citizen of Boyle County for three years and as a property owner, I pay my taxes as the PVA says that I owe and I’m thankful for the services we get for our money.

Boyle County and Danville City are two school systems that do a great job for the students and need to be commended for their work. But what makes all this happen is dedicated faculty, staff and money that is available to these systems that allow them to offer more for their students than a lot of the systems in communities that do not have the same resources. In short, money helps with any school system

With that being said, why is Kroger fighting the tax assessment that has been determined by the county PVA as well as the state being fair for Kroger? Why are they turning their corporate lawyers loose on a county that will have problems funding the fight to bring Kroger to pay their fair tax debt? Why is Kroger trying to do this to our community that has been so loyal to them?  A corporation that got one of the best tax breaks imaginable in the new tax law that lowers corporate tax to a rate less than what I must pay.

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If Kroger does not back off on this legal action and continues to peruse this matter, they could win which lowers the amount of money that our schools receive, and other powerful corporation will follow Kroger. My response is if they continue, I will never shop at Kroger again and hope other members of this community will follow my action.

Jesse Campbell